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Meet Janell

Janell Stephens is the founder and Master Mixtress behind the natural lifestyle brand, Camille Rose Naturals. Originally known for her foodie-inspired collection of hair products, Janell and Camille Rose Naturals are quickly becoming the all around go-to brand for the conscious consumer looking for safe and effective solutions for hair, body, skin, home and even kids.

The vegan mother of five believes in living a life of total wellness, marked by a commitment to herself and to her customers to use the highest quality ingredients in every collection that she crafts. Her signature suite of hair products includes moisture-rich cleansers, conditioners, stylers and balms favorited by beauty authorities and moms alike.

Now in its fifth year of business, the Camille Rose Naturals original hair and body collectionscan be found nationwide in Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. With a solid footprint in the natural beauty space, Janell has no plans of slowing down. “I want to meet the needs of my customers from a holistic perspective. The same girl who wants an effective cleanser for her son or daughter also wants an ingredient-focused moisturizer for her own skin,” Janell says.

Fulfilling her promise of total wellness, Janell has recently expanded her empire to include CRN Body, an inspiration-filled bath and body assortment rich in nourishing ingredients, The Mandarin Collection, a kids haircare line infused with citrus to nourish even the youngest of strands, and BodySkin, the brand’s forthcoming medical spa line.

Janell takes her direction on business and on life from the lessons of her late grandmother, “the woman who taught [her] how to wear multiple hats with poise.” Between soccer, football and dance practice with her children, to strategizing new partnerships for her brand, Stephens seamlessly shifts between the demands of family life and “conscious beauty” on a daily basis. Her lifestyle encompasses the very ideals that inspired the creation and cult following behind Camille Rose Naturals.

For press-related inquiries about Janell Stephens or Camille Rose Naturals, please email press@camillerosenaturals.com